Harish RAJPUT, P.Eng.
B.Tech., Eng., M.Tech. Eng., M.A.Sc. Eng., Ph.D. (doctoral candidate, interdisciplinary graduate studies, University of British Columbia, Canada, admitted to candidacy 3/2016, discontinued)

M.A.Sc. Thesis: A Steady State Analytical Solution for MOSFET Channel Temperature Estimation

Patent: Method and System for Estimating Diffusion Potential of a Diffusive Property

Publication: Including Time Dependency and ANOVA in Decision-making using the revised Fuzzy AHP: A case study on wafer fabrication process selection
Elsevier link: H. Rajput et. al, Including time dependency and ANOVA in decision-making using the revised fuzzy AHP: A case study on wafer fabrication process selection, Applied soft computing, Volume 8, Issue 11, December 2011, Pages 5099-5109.

Last updated: Aug 2021.

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