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This video may help you to select a university where you like to spend many beautiful years of your life!

Many students struggle with the question of university selection after they finish high school or undergraduate studies and ready to move ahead in life. This video lecture may help you to find out what university can be the best for you. Everyone is different and everyone’s financial and social background is different. Not everyone can go to Harvard but there can be another university which can be the best place for that person. Not every place is suited for everyone. This video may help you to decide when you are ready for application process and settling in a foreign country.

Money is very precious! Do not waste it on fancy degrees. This video may enlighten your thoughts before you make any decision.

I hope my two cents will help you. If you need some help or consultation for application process and need guidance for foreign universities, you may contact at: I would be happy to help you.

All the best for your admission and have a wonderful day!


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