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Turorials } Matlab | Octave } quick overview }

This lecture provides a quick overview for Matlab or Octave. Matlab and Octave both are software tools for scientific computations. Matlab is proprietary software package and Octave is open source which can be downloaded from gnu open source project page. Some syntax of Octave may not be compatible with Matlab but mostly matlab code is […]

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Algorithms Computing Scientific Computing

Algorithms } 042 } Monte-Carlo Methods }

This lecture discusses basic principles of Monte-Carlo methods, a class of computational algorithms. A simple example of estimating value of pi is discussed. Monte-carlo techniques are widely used in the areas of modern physics, nuclear simulation, astro-physics and many other areas of science and engineering where direct computation or analytical solutions are impossible or too […]

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Tutorials } gEcon – R: A quick guide }

This video lecture takes you through basic steps to work with gEcon economics package for R. An example with plots is discussed. A trick to work with latest R software version and gEcon library on Mac operating system is discussed. If you need private lessons, you may contact at: Do not forget to subscribe […]

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