Tutorials } gEcon – R: A quick guide }

This video lecture takes you through basic steps to work with gEcon economics package for R. An example with plots is discussed. A trick to work with latest R software version and gEcon library on Mac operating system is discussed.

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7 thoughts on “Tutorials } gEcon – R: A quick guide }

  1. Daniel

    Can you explain a little bit further the part with the versions? 3.1 -> 3.2 ?

    When trying to install gEcon it gives me the following error:

    Warning in install.packages :
    package ‘~/gEcon_0.9.1.tar’ is not available (for R version 3.2.3)

  2. { Leprofesseur } Post author

    Not sure about your error. Since every OS and gEcon updates, its becomes quite tricky to understand. However it looks to me that R version 3.2.1 does not support gEcon, try other compatible version of R and gEcon.

  3. Aritra Chakrabarty

    Thanks for the video. It was really helpful. I’ve been working with the sample models of gEcon on R. However, there is one crucial aspect which I need help with-how does one load the data set for GE analysis through gEcon on R? How do you call the data set in to the model syntax of gEcon?
    Would appreciate all the help, thanks.

    1. { Leprofesseur } Post author

      I am not sure whether I understand your problem correctly, however here are some thoughts: gEcon is addon package to R, so in principle all commands for data loading to system in and out should work. You may try exporting data to some variable and then use R command to export to csv format and viceversa. It may be a good idea to give more details of your problem for further troubleshooting. Best, hr

      1. Aritra Chakrabarty

        Thanks for the response and apologies for the ambiguity. Here’s what I’m doing- I have National Sample Survey (NSS) data on consumption and expenditure. I’ve created a model syntax on gEcon for getting the steady state of consumption and also the effect of fiscal shock on consumption. My concern is- how do I call the data set in to the model environment?

        1. { Leprofesseur } Post author

          it might be helpful to investigate if you could specify an example. In general you could import data to array variables and then you may be able to use these variables in gecon. hope this helps, best.

          1. Aritra Chakrabarty

            I’m solving the consumer model using gEcon syntax, as given on the gEcon portal. I’m specifying Capital (K), Labour (L), using Log-Linear model format.
            Now if I’m to use real time series data of Capital and Labour, how do I include the data set in the gEcon syntax so that the functions are applied on the data set?

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